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T-Shirts, Mugs, Ball Caps and More!!

1 Morel Mushroom Lane (formerly Morels and More) was begun in April of 1999 as a site devoted to the FUN of Morel Mushroom Hunting.  I have always done all the site design myself, so it has been a learning experience from the very start. 

The most surprising aspect of starting this web site has been the large number of wonderful people from around the world who hunt for Morel Mushrooms! This isn't just a USA thing!

As time has passed, I have been able to provide more features and services for you to enjoy.  1 Morel Mushroom Lane now offers:

  • Free Morel Mushroom Hunter's Community
  • Free Bulletin Boards
  • Morel Mushroom Find Reports
  • Morel Greeting Cards
  • Links
  • Photos from REAL Morel Mushroom Hunters
  • Morel Mushroom Photographs
  • Unique, originally designed products (T-Shirts, caps, sweatshirts, mugs, etc)
  • Special Features

I made the decision some time ago to keep 1 Morel Mushroom Lane a free site, even though others are charging $25.00 a year or more for fewer services!  I thoroughly enjoy everyone who stops by, and I am happy to provide this community for you.  However, I do have to pay the expenses associated with the site.  Please take a moment to look at the products I have to offer, and if you like them, please consider buying one of the unique Morel Mushroom Hunter's T-shirts, Mugs, Mouse Pads, etc.  You won't find these anywhere else but 1 Morel Mushroom Lane!   Support this Site.

Bookmark 1 Morel Mushroom Lane and stop back often.  I look forward to having you become part of my community!

I got the idea for a web site about Morel Mushroom Hunting from my oldest son (He consistently finds more Morels than I do).  He first suggested it and the rest is history.    

In the Spring of 1999, I designed the Dancing Morel while playing with a new animated .gif program and soon the Dancing Morel was on web sites around the world!  Unbelievable!!  This encouraged me to think that maybe something more was possible. One of the first things you need to learn after basic HTML skills is working with images.  That is how the T-Shirts, etc came to be.

 I ran across a company called CafePress.com, who claimed they would manufacture and ship my designs for free!!  They really do what they say, and the original designs were born.  I have eight different original designs available now, and I'm always thinking about others (My wife thinks I'm a nut and she is undoubtedly correct!)

In the Fall of 2001, I added the bulletin boards.  You have made me certain that building a community at 1 Morel Mushroom Lane was the best improvement I have made to date! 

Did I ever dream that someday tens of thousands would visit my little Morel Mushroom site in a single month?  No way!!  

Welcome and Happy Hunting!
John Stewart
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