Morel Mushroom Hunters
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These photos have been sent to me by Morel Mushroom Hunters across the USA.  These fabulous finds are from the the 2001 Morel Mushroom hunting season.  Be sure to tell me your name and where you are from!  Thanks for your support!

Be sure to submit YOUR Find Photos Here!  2002, 2003, 2004 and beyond!

Randy from Missouri keeps bringin' them in!

Matthew and Mason from Kentucky score on first hunt!

Steve claims first Central Illinois find of 2001!

Amy says things are heating up in NE Indiana!

10 lbs from Central Illinois! How did Mom and Dad do?

More Morels from Steve in Central Illinois! Day 2

Susan and husband from Indiana got this pic 4/24! "Hunting mushrooms and hiking and snakes just go together", says Susan from Indiana!

Michael from Indy found these tasty devils at his favorite spot! Michael found these Sunday Evening!  Tasty Morel-sels!!!!  North Indiana is poppin'!

Randy and his wife from Missouri have been been chowing down on huge Morels like these!!

At left is Randy with his "King Morel"!  How about 7 inches high and 7 inches around!!??

Pat & Bill report that the morels are just starting to pop here in the North Woods of Wisconsin.


Scott from NW Missouri found this 9" monster Morel!  This was part of a 12 pound find!

John from Centralia, Illinois found these Morels in his back yard!  I wish!!

This is a 9 1/2" Monster Morel found by The lucky hunters, Bill & Rebecca, from Michigan.
Bill and Rebecca also found Ten Pounds of fresh Morels!!  I sense a feast coming on!!
This is Jennifer from Michigan's first ever chainsaw carving titled "The Elusive Morel".  What a great job she did!! A close-up of Jennifer's "Elusive Morel".  How would you like to be taking a walk in the woods and come upon this?  It could get your heart pumping! 


Paige from Ohio is already a veteran Morel Mushroom Hunter!  Notice how important proper equipment is...Morel hunter's stick, onion bag, and proper clothing.  

Good job, Paige!

This is a pic of Becky and her mother Dorcie on one of their Morel hunts in Southwest Virginia. This was one of the many hunts they went on and had the same kind of luck. Down where they live they call Morels dry land fish.....She doesn't know why! LOL

Nice batch of Morels!

Ken and his family really know how to decorate for the Holidays!  Great job, Ken!

Fred Koski took this great shot in the Huron Mountains of Michigan-2001.  Great photo, Fred!


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